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Sleep easy

Sleep Easy with Electric Adjustable Beds
Most individuals tend to spend more time choosing what to wear on a given Saturday morning than they do in selecting the bed that they will sleep in every night for the next few years; this makes little sense considering a bed will be an item of furniture in which you will spend quite allot of time over your lifetime. Also, there is little dispute that sleep matters, and it matters a lot—quality of sleep, as well as quantity of sleep, is receiving increasing attention from psychologists, doctors, nutritionists, and other specialists in well-being. Getting good sleep hygiene helps your metabolism, mood, and overall functioning. If you are purchasing a new bed soon, consider an electric adjustable one, and be prepared to get some of the best sleep of your life. Though these may cost more than the beds you are used to seeing, this is an area in your life where you should consider sparing no expense. Most people have no qualms about spending a lot of money on a nice piece of jeweler, or a nice car, but they will be reluctant to treat themselves to a bed that is perfect for them.
Electric Adjustable beds come in single and larger forms, like regular beds, and they are particularly good for people who have back or muscle problems. These beds allow the user or users, to adjust the angle of the bed and to thus arrive at the incline that best supports restful sleep—though this comes through trial and error, and it will be easy to find someone, in the shop at which you buy your bed, to recommend the best angle for your individual sleep needs.
When buying an adjustable bed, as with making any major purchase, you may have some questions and concerns. A common question is what would happen if the bed during a power cut; the answer is that the bed should automatically switch off so that battery can be conserved. There should be reserve battery power. Adjustable beds typically come with a battery pack option, so a power cut should not inhibit your ability to fully enjoy your purchase. Many individuals want to know if the frame will be okay for their weights. Adjustable beds are typically tailor-made, and a company from which you buy thebe should measure your height and weight in order to provide you with the correct frame and bed motor. Some companies can provide a heavy duty motor but this should not be necessary if you weigh under 15 stone (approximately 200 pounds); this might push up the price of the bed but can be an option to explore if you are concerned. If the motor is not powerful enough to support your weight, it will not last as long as it should, so this is certainly an area to consider prior to choosing the bed and an area to discuss with the person from whom you purchase the bed.

An electric adjustable bed does not need to be an eyesore in your bedroom! Many adjustable beds have been designed not just with useability in mind but also aesthetics.

Oakdale beds in particular have designed their range not just to work well but to look great. Gone are the days when an adjustable bed would make your bedroom look like a ward in the local hospital!

The following manufacture and/or supply electric adjustable beds:

Mobility King